Play It Again

Individually designed, handmade—upcycled, uplifted, reused, recycled, reclaimed wool garments—refashioned for a new life!

Garments as unique as you are.


In the fall of 2009 I was fortunate to attend a workshop at Kripalu called The Sweater Chop Shop: Creating New Sweaters from Old Stories given by Crispina Ffrench. I loved the experience and continue to love making new sweaters from old ones. Recycling old sweaters (my own, ones from the local hospital thrift store or the Salvation Army, as well as some that Crispina sells by the pound) is a feel good green activity. I love the immediacy of the process. It is an immersion is color, texture, pattern and form. The architectural quality of building the garment section by section, adding and subtracting, is an extension of the design processes I use in the 2D world as a graphic artist. Adding the three dimensional element provides a new world to explore.