How is it possible?

Sasha Pearl thou shalt not art

How is it possible that a day starts with a list of “to do” items a full page long and proceeds to unfold like this:

Lots of emails, updated the Sinterklaas Rhinebeck website, got a chiropractic adjustment (thank you Nori) meeting with Ana Sanjuan over fries and coffee (really), lots of project management stuff (got a couple of web design projects in the works), found ceramic mugs for the Community Music Space to put their logos on, worried about friends and relatives in NY & NJ, visit with Grace Welker the brilliant word smith, lovely dinner with Bernard Greenwald, Sasha and Trevor, played some music. Ready to call it a day. Oh yeah, and thanks to Susan Goodman Goldstein for bringing the last of our wonderful CSA share.

(Mind you this isn’t even a complete recounting).

And at day’s end, reviewing the morning’s list, I find I have nothing to check off.

Time to revisit the organizational and prioritizing process!