February 2010

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I’ve long been an admirer of Eileen Fisher and the clothing she designs. For just as long, I’ve been wearing her clothes, searching out the best sales, since well-made clothing are an ivestment. I’ve also enjoyed the fact that many of her pieces are classic parts of her collections and stay relevant from year to year. Sometimes, though, a piece becomes out dated, or worse, the size I thought was perfect because the sale price was so good turns out not to be. But I’ve held on to these pieces of clothing hardly ever parting with them. Now that the option to create new sweaters from old ones has become a part of my life I have bravely taken my shears to a few of my prized EF sweaters and made them into something new, something very much mine but also embracing the original forms that they came from. So here is a new tunic for my wardrobe made from three EF pieces: a black 3/4-length sleeve cardigan, a long gray v-neck cardigan, and a black pullover.  All three are of very similar fabric. I added some fuchsia cashmere cuffs and a decorative insert in the back which you can’t see. For the stitching I choose black and red on the gray and lime green on the black. It falls to the mid-thigh and looks great with a pair of straight leg black pants.